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Goals of the article (Link Builder):

Give the full amount of information to fully understand what link Building is, the limits of link Builder actions, what tools are used and how link Builder works.
Convenient structure: if you have experience in link Building , it will be convenient for you to view the entire structure of the article at once. If you are new to link Building , it will be convenient for you to follow the links back to the basic structure of the article.
Replacing novice hikes with paid link Building courses.
Give complex practical tasks that are done at work and when applying for a job, so that after their completion, knowledge is fixed and confidence is gained.

Common questions for beginners to link Building:

How can Linkbuilder track the effectiveness of links ?
How many links per month should a Linkbuilder place on a website?
What links/anchors should Linkbuilder place and why ?
What tools does Linkbuilder use and why ?
What are the requirements for applying for a link Builder job ?
What parameters should I use to select donors for link placement ?
How do I check and track deleted links from a website ?
How many links do I need to put on a website to get a result ?
What test task is given at the interview ?
To find cases by Winkbingo ?

Dictionary Linkbuilder:

Terms and ponyatny – link

Outreach link

Crowd marketing link

About Linkbuilder-link

1 .how can Linkbuilder track the effectiveness of links? Answer:

First of all, we pay attention to the growth of keyword positions and traffic.

2. How many links per month should a Linkbuilder place on a website? Answer:

Minimum of 20 links per month. It always depends on the niche and type of links.

3. What links/anchors should Linkbuilder place and why ? Answer:

The main task of placing links is to create maximum visibility of the natural set of reference mass. We should start from the anchor list, which we will have in the end, for example, in 6 months. As a result, the anchor list should consist of commercial anchors, non-commercial and non-anchor links in a specific ratio ( + -):

Direct entries (Commercial anchors) – 10-15%.
Dilution (non-Commercial anchors) – 35-45%.
Natural (non-Anchor links) – 50-60%.
Relevant near-link text (150-700 characters).

Detailed information about anchor, anchor list, anchor types (Commercial, Non-commercial, non-Anchor).

4. What tools for work uses Linkbuilder and for what ? Answer:

Google Search Operators – commands for flexible search. Detailed link.

Ahrefs-competitor Analysis. Detailed link.

Similar Web-competitor Analysis. Details of the video.

Screeming Frog-scans the website for links, errors, and so on. Detailed link.

Pr-cy-site Analysis.

Html-the Basis on which websites are written (hypertext markup language).

Devtools – a tool for viewing html, etc. Detailed link, video.

Google Search Console-tracking backlinks, etc. Detailed link, video.

Google Analytics-Analysis of website traffic. Details of the video.

Seoquake is a Convenient browser extension. View the number of incoming and outgoing links.

RDS Bar is a Convenient browser extension. Analysis of site indicators.

FreeEmailExtractor-Building email addresses.

eMail Verifier-Parsing email addresses.

XRumer, Allsubmitter, Boardmaster, Zennoposter – auto-Registration and auto-placement of links. Detailed link.

Checktrust – analysis of donors for link placement.

Google Alerts / Ahrefs Alerts-monitoring the Internet for new mentions of any word or phrase.

SeoPowerSuite-Tracking backlinks and more.

Who is-domain Analysis.

GoGetLinks, PR. sape, sape, Miralinks, Rotapost, Linkfeed, Setlinks, Mainlink – link Exchanges.

Automatic link analysis-Link

Search for deleted / broken links-Link

Photoshop is an image Editor.

5. What are the requirements for the device to work as Linkbuilders? Answer:

Main responsibilities:
Search for sites for placing links to promoted projects; Agreements with webmasters about placing links; Reporting on the work done.

Understanding the functioning of the Internet, links, and the principles of their placement (motivated and natural); putting links; the Ability to conduct competent correspondence; the Ability to organize data, make tables and keep data in order; the Ability to find the necessary information on the Internet; Placing links through link exchanges; Analyzing the link profile of competitors; Creating high-quality thematic content, regardless of the scope;

English-basic, Html, Devtools, Photoshop, Vpn, basic understanding of SEO website optimization.

6. what parameters should be used to select donors for link placement ? Answer:

UR-url rating (Minimum 10);
DR-domain rating (Minimum 20);
The number of backlinks (Incoming links more than outgoing);
The number of referring domains.
Dynamics of the link profile and other factors;
The subject scope.

7. How can I check and track deleted links from a website ? Answer:

Backlink analysis – Ahrefs videos, comparison of Ahrefs, Serpstat, Megaindex, Linkpad, Majestic, SeoSpyGlass, Google Search Console videos.

Search for deleted / broken links-Link

Automatic link analysis (dofollow/nofollow/deleted) – Link

8. How many links do I need to put on a website to get a result ? Answer:

To increase the position of the website, you need to put at least 50 links every month. The term is 3-6 months, depending on the level of competition in the niche.

9. What test task is given at the interview ? Answer: Test task №1

1 – what is a link anchor? Why do SEO publish links with different anchors?

The anchor is the link text located between the opening” a “and closing” /a ” tags.
In order for search engines not to accept links as spam, their texts must be composed correctly and “uniquely”.

2 – how the link’s html code will look like:

anchor text-ibuprofen tablets, URL — example.ua/ibuprofen
anchor text — https://example.ua/ibuprofen, URL — https://example.ua/ibuprofen
ibuprofen tablets

3-What does the nofollow attribute mean in the link code? What is it for?

The “Nofollow ” attribute is responsible for ensuring that the page you are referring to does not increase its link weight due to this link. In other words, this link is not transmitted citation index (which uses Yandex) and PageRank (which uses Google). In link Building, it is used to dilute the anchorlist so that there is no spam anchorlist.

4 – what does target= “_blank” do in the link code? What is it for?

target= “_blank” Loads the page in a new browser window.
Open in a new window

5-You were given the task to get a link from the forum, you see that the site has strict moderation. How do I leave a comment so that the link is not deleted?

You need to write a thematic comment / response where it is appropriate to leave a link.

6-Write examples of comments that you would leave on the forums for the site on the topic of “diets»:

Crowd marketing (Crow marketing) in action:
Potential donor: http://forum.omskmama.ru/viewtopic.php?t=159913&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15
Fictional review:

Girls, I read your comments and see myself in them when I was searching for a diet. In the end, I found what I was looking for example.ua/ibuprofen here you can try. From my experience, I realized that it is very important not how much we eat, but how much we feel good and confident. The biggest discovery for me was that the more tasks you have, the easier it is to stick to a diet, because I no longer think about food or what to do. I have everything already on automatisme, I realized that discipline and the correct diet, that’s what I was looking for.

Potential donor: http://hf.ua/viewtopic.php?t=14963&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=80
Fictional review:

I tried many ways to lose weight, monodiets, protein diet, interval fasting, but all this did not work for me, because it is unpleasant and you need to spend a lot of time and effort. For 5 months I lost 6 kg, just use tablets for me it is much more convenient. I recommend it example.ua/ibuprofen those who have already tried everything.

Potential donor: http://forum.rzn.info/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=5240&start=280
Fictional review:

Girls I myself tried to sit on diets, but it is not always delicious and in General why torment yourself. The dietitian prescribed pills for me example.ua/ibuprofen to be honest, at first I was sleepy, but for 7 months in conjunction with a light diet and 2 training sessions, I lost 11 kg.

Potential donor: http://www.lady74.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=21599&st=100

You need to create a new category, because the topic “hair Problems” does not fit the topic “weight loss pills.”

Potential donor: http://forum.roditeli.ua/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=50920&start=10

You need to create a new category, because the theme “Beautiful nails at home” does not fit the theme “pills for weight loss.”

Fictional review:

Girls, this is my first column on this forum. I want to share with you my diet, which I have been using for 2 years. Since high school, I was a crumpet, but after going to the nutritionist, everything changed. I can say that at the very beginning it was difficult for me, because I had to suffer because after 18: 00 I almost did not eat anything. Now I realized that tormenting myself is not right, the body must get used to the diet gradually, for this I used 6 months of ibuprofen tablets that helped me go on a diet so as not to experience stress.

7-You have been assigned the task of selecting sites/forums on the subject of “essay”. How will you search for sites/forums to place a link? Describe the algorithm.

https://www.link-assistant.com/ – search for sites by the keyword you are looking for.
https://ahrefs.com/ – analysis of competitors, where they place their links, etc.
Google Search Operators-Commands for flexible search.

8-Which site for placing a link in your opinion is a good one?

What are the main metrics you will use to determine?
https://ahrefs.com/ – for domain analysis, the domain rating indicator (competitors) is from 20-40 coefficient.
UR-url rating (Minimum 10);
DR-domain rating (Minimum 20);
The number of backlinks (Incoming links more than outgoing);
The dynamics of the reference profile;
The subject scope.

9-Describe your strategy algorithm for increasing the link mass to bring the site to the top, justify it and protect it (why do you think it is correct?)

My algorithm is to choose the most effective strategy for external website promotion. Actions should be discussed with an SEO specialist, that is, with a person who has more knowledge and experience, who already knows in what case it is best to do, taking into account the specifics of the project, budget and timing. As they say, one head is good, and two more, but in my case it is better. 🙂
As for specific actions, first you need to make a market analysis and determine the advantages of the promoted project among competitors, if this has already been done, study the material. Then search for donors with the necessary parameters and requirements.
When placing links, you must take into account the existing anchor list, it should not turn into a spam list, which will lead to the imposition of sanctions by the search engine. Therefore, it is necessary to anticipate the recommendations of an SEO specialist, who knows exactly the current trends of search engines. The SEO specialist will give a hint to the Linkbuilder, who in turn will place links with a near-link text as naturally as possible.
On many websites, there are various kinds of obstacles in the form of registrations, authentications, moderators, geo-based borders (Access only from a specific country), autobahns, etc. Therefore, you should consider all factors and make the result of the posted link as natural as possible. For the best result, you can ask for a hint from an SEO specialist.
In the case of communication with webmasters/owners/administrators of websites, it is necessary to consider the subtleties, rules and methods that usually come with experience. Use politeness and tact without exception.
The tasks of a Linkbuilder are to effectively find donors, contacts, place links, and control them. Creating high-quality thematic, relevant mini-content regardless of the environment on the Internet. Maintaining, updating and improving tables and structuring information based on volatile analytical data.
As a rule, the strategy changes, and the algorithm remains the same, but sometimes an exception confirms the rule. I believe that this “strategy algorithm” covers a set of tasks and skills. When using it, you can find an effective “strategy for increasing the reference mass”. Random placement of links is not professional.

10. Task-in the laboratory, snakes, people and mice. Together they have 36 tails, 40 heads, and 100 legs. How many snakes do you think there are in the lab?

40-36=4 people
4*2=8 legs for 4 people
100-8=92 animal legs
92/4=23 mouse
36-23=13 snakes without legs
23myshi+13 snakes+4human = 40 heads

10. Find link Building cases ?

Case-Outreach – how to track paid links.
Case-Outreach – how to correspond with webmasters.
The case study Outreach (Outreach) – tools, step by step.
Case-crowd marketing (Crow marketing).
Case Guest posting (Guest posting).
Case-12 strategies in link Building by Matthew Woodworth.

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